Dry Slides

Fun cat design with visibility mesh and slide with safety retainer


Cat Slide


Dimensions     L:21 W:18 H:16

Feel like you are on an underwater adventure! Perfect for summer time parties or gatherings. The bounce house and water slide will keep the party going for hours while the full mesh exterior will let you keep an eye on your little sea adventurers.


Dolphin Combo Dry


Dimensions     L:20 W:15 H:13

This wet or dry slide is just one of the many amazing inflatable slides we have available. The Volcano dual wet or dry slide is a great way to promote enjoyable and healthy activity. It will add excitement and value to any indoor or outdoor event! With a variety of themes the slides we offer give kids of all ages endless amounts of aerobic activity. Our slides are made safe and secure with lite n strong fire-resistant vinyl making it safer and portable while being more durable


Volcano Slide


Dimensions     L:20 W:15 H:13

This 18’ foot tall wacky-colored Mini slide features a 48-degree incline to the sliding surface which is exactly the same as the angle of conventional hard slides. Includes a non-wax super-slick sliding surface.


Wacky Mini Deluxe


Dimensions     L:25 W:18 H:11